Dec 12, 2018 WEAR IT FORWARD S1
Here is how we helped a small niche SA retailer make a difference to society and its own brand. Doing good while doing good business, utilising Acts not Ads. Marlboro Originals a men’s apparel store in the V&A Waterfront successfully launched a conceptual range of Tees to mobilise consumers to WEAR IT FORWARD in 2017. ...
Dec 11, 2018 Creative Director
CREATIVE#DIRECTOR Born in 1994 at the dawn of the new democratic South Africa, Net#work BBDO is an idealistic, maverick ad agency  that became a creative incubator for many of the country’s finest creative leaders. Some went on to lead other agencies, others left to found their own agencies, a few found themselves in other industries ...
Nov 27, 2018 Vagina Varsity
Being A Vagina-haver Doesn't Make You A Vagina Expert With Vagina Varsity we wanted to educate women about their vaginas and allow Libresse Liners to normalise and destygmatise the category. So we created a visual langue adapted from the Libresse CI and their mantra.  Be feminine. Be positive. Be bold. Our main symbol is the ...
Jan 27, 2017 Sifunda Nokuthula
We learn by talking together: Literacy is the main foundation for future learning. We know that children learn best through conversation. It’s also fun. Sifunda aims to create opportunities for learning by focusing on environments where children and their guardians are naturally together, in this case, the supermarket. Turning a necessary chore into an opportunity ...
Feb 4, 2014 The Exclusive Books Library
Taking the exclusive out of Exclusive Books: Exclusive Books is the go-to place for affluent readers. However, they wanted to make reading less ‘exclusive’ and spread the love of reading across all socio-economic groups – particularly the youth, considering the frightening statistic that only 8% of public schools have functional libraries. With that in mind, ...
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