Dec 13, 2018


Here is how we helped a small niche SA retailer make a difference to society and its own brand.

Doing good while doing good business, utilising Acts not Ads.
Marlboro Originals a men’s apparel store in the V&A Waterfront successfully launched a conceptual range of Tees to mobilise consumers to WEAR IT FORWARD in 2017.

In the process proving that even a small business and society can mutually benefit from the implementation of a shared value strategy  – paying it forward enabled Marlboro as a small local retailer to deliver value to their partners/shareholders, while positively impacting society through this timely intervention to their business offering.

Launching WEAR IT FORWARD in November 2017 showed a tangible Company Benefit and delivered real Social Benefit – after only 6 months.

Beyond simply every Tee purchased contributing 25% of sales to designing/building a library in a township school, every element of every garment was sourced and produced locally, creating jobs and enhancing lives at all levels across the community.

This will ultimately create lifestyle improvement via community upliftment through education when the library is built.

Beyond this upliftment and transformation of underprivileged communities, the Social Benefit in this case was not necessarily limited to underprivileged communities or those in financial need. For example,  given the current crisis in SA of the yawning gap between the haves and the have-nots, this programme enabled privileged society to practically make a difference and put something back. Purpose lies at the heart of this MAL Collab, leveraging the duality of Make A Living  – Make a Life.

We make a living by what we get- yet we make a life by what we give. A blueprint, if you will, for privilege to engage with poverty, for the haves to empower have-nots, to liberate a new way of life whereby giving back is not simply a patronising unsustainable charity or CSI, but more effectively and positively a hand up rather than a handout. Thus the Social Benefit is actually in the form of a lifestyle and environmental benefit. Especially considering the nature and design of the Libraries to be created, and the location and of the cotton sourced.

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