Nov 27, 2018

Vagina Varsity

Being A Vagina-haver Doesn’t Make You A Vagina Expert

With Vagina Varsity we wanted to educate women about their vaginas and allow Libresse Liners to normalise and destygmatise the category.

So we created a visual langue adapted from the Libresse CI and their mantra.  Be feminine. Be positive. Be bold.

Our main symbol is the “v” for vagina and it’s natural insulation, the pubes. We pair this with more educational symbol like our shield and banner.

We use pubic hair as the basis for our patterns, because pubes are a big part of your vagina.
We created a bunch of women with their vaginas. Because everyone wears their vagina differently.

Not only is the outside different, but the downstairs inside too. We designed vagina emoji’s to show just some of the shapes and size they come in.

Because the more you know, the less there is to fear.

Venture Beyond Next project