Taking the exclusive out of Exclusive Books:

Exclusive Books is the go-to place for affluent readers. However, they wanted to make reading less ‘exclusive’ and spread the love of reading across all socio-economic groups – particularly the youth, considering the frightening statistic that only 8% of public schools have functional libraries. With that in mind, they partnered with the MAL Foundation and the Architects of Justice to build unique libraries at underprivileged schools. However, these were not to be dour and uninspiring places of learning – they were designed to be places that enriched young minds and reminded them that reading should be fun and adventurous. The artwork adorning the libraries was based on all the wondrous places that reading can take you – from the Great Wall of China to ancient Pyramids. Constructed as a pattern, the landscape of the iconic landmarks hid books and children reading within it.

Feb 4, 2014
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