Dec 11, 2018

Creative Director


Born in 1994 at the dawn of the new democratic South Africa, Net#work BBDO is an idealistic, maverick ad agency  that became a creative incubator for many of the country’s finest creative leaders. Some went on to lead other agencies, others left to found their own agencies, a few found themselves in other industries or sought more orderly shores in other countries, and some are still there today. Upon Net#work’s coming of age at 21, instead of simply looking back it decided to push forward and celebrate the ride by exploring Creative Direction through the eyes of as many of these creatives as they could track down.

6 basic questions were posed in an attempt to squeeze some wisdom and inspiration; extracting not only the ground breaking work that emerged but the learnings, insights, inspirations and provocations from whence they came. 30 of South Africa’s finest rogues eventually obliged.

Creative Director… What does it mean? What does it look like and how does it feel? The title and act itself is an oxymoron. A wonderful juxtaposition of two different mindsets coming together to form one overarching skill.

The Creative is the left brain, impulsive and unpredictable, a spontaneous explosion of colour and ideas, bursting with possibility. The Director is the logical sanity that guides and focusses, the right brain, the cold hard balance of reasonable judgement, tempered by parameter and hesitation.

A paradox. Yet together these two conjure up extraordinary things. An unlikely harmony out of contradiction that is the visual concept of the book.

Read Between the Lines:

Education in South Africa is in crisis.  Only 8% of public schools have functional libraries . And yet a sustainable ad industry needs  to continually attract new minds from diverse communities. So this book has gone beyond being a celebration of current and past South African creativity  –   Inspiring the next generation of imagination. All proceeds from sales of the book go towards building a library for a township school.

A book for books. Spreading literacy across South Africa one idea at a time.

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