MoloMaakMal Micro Campus Project

We are from Khayelitsha Township.

But make no mistake.

Our ambitions are outa this world.

At last, designs that match our ambitions.

We are power girls. With power dreams.

With your help we want to build a world class micro campus in 2020.

Help us build a

world class

all girls

micro campus

in Khayelitsha Township.


Come lend a hand, a stone, a buck, or heck, why not a yoga mat.

Our social-impact architects TheMAAK


About Molo Mhlaba Schools


Buy a blanket


Make a donation

By buying this 100% cotton, locally made, limited edition designer blanket you’re contributing towards building a world class micro campus for Molo Mhlaba Girls Schools in Khayelitsha.

If you want to talk to someone directly, here you can:

Rethabile Sonibare/Molo Mhlaba Schools

Madeline Ryder/Molo Mhlaba Schools

Max Melvill/theMAAK

Ashleigh Killa/theMAAK

Emma Strydom/MAL

Mike Schalit/MAL


Our fantastic Sponsors, Donors + Contributors 

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