Just because we are facing a pandemic, doesn’t mean we cant face it with a 
funky face.

There has been heaps of focus on mass consumerism and how it affects our environment, and our people. The mass making of masks during the Covid-19 

pandemic is no different.

So we decided to make once off masks hand made by our in house designer, gathered from left over pieces of materials like gauze, upholstery cutoffs, etc.

Giving people the opportunity to have a mask that could make someone smile (even though you can't see it). 

It’s also a fabulous piece of 

memorabilia, testament to 

these strange times.

Even though it's not mass produced and not made by

a top-notch seamstress, it is not exploiting anyone. 

It’s repurposing materials that would otherwise lie in a landfill or in our ocean. Hey and it gives face value a 

different meaning.

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