Biodegradable Compost Packaging.

                   Pick n’ Pay has been exploring fresh ways to 

                   grow the environment and the community.

                   One of the problems we face is what to do 

                   with all our organic waste? 

So, through the Pick n’ Pay Foundation Small Business Incubator, we’re turning our organic waste into useful and beautiful compost pots, from which, ‘Anything Grows’. 

The organic waste is processed at the Epping Market, where it’s naturally decomposed, before being packaged.

The entire pot is made from recycled materials, natural food inks and eco glues, making it completely biodegradable and it’s designed in such a way that holds water but also dissolves once planted. Sprinkle it over your garden, or just water and turn it into a pot plant. During the composting process, fruit and veg seeds are naturally left in the soil, so if left to its own devices, the pot could start sprouting tomatoes or even egg plants. 


But we’re not just about growing food, we’re also into growing communities. These pots have helped grow small businesses, generating more work for locals, and uplift numerous communities. 


Because from fresh thinking, 

Anything Grows. 

MakeALiving by what you get – MakeALife by what you give

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