how MAL do you want to be?

MAL is a collaborative ideas+design hub on a mission: to make a difference through creativity. Based on the premise “we MakeALiving by what we get – we MakeALife by what we give” we use our Living, which is creativity, to make Lives.
It’s the kind of duality that South Africa, and the world, needs more than ever. The ‘haves’ enable and empower the ‘have nots’ simply by doing the thing that made them ‘haves’ in the first place. Hey, why not close the inequality gap by engaging constructively and positively through creative action? Its what we call Creativism. All you have to do is partner, sponsor or commission a MAL project, buy one of our exciting new MAL products, or donate towards MakingAnotherLibrary.

Let’s go MAL together.



Through our projects and collaborations and the power of creative ideas, we aim to match a school with a brand, build a library and fill it with books to fill young minds. Our design is a sustainable, replicable and easy to erect library structure that houses almost 4000 books with a whole lot of space for children to read and write. It’s all about the math: you MakeALIbrary = you MakeALIfe.


Feel the MALness, let the goodness flow. Buy! Buy! Buy! Cool stuff never had it so good: a generous percentage from these one-of-a-kind products goes towards MakingANotherLibrary. Be it a designer MAL tee or AniMALamp or a pair of Bang Bang earrings, not only are you buying something cool, you can feel even cooler knowing that you’re putting something back.


An independent off-shoot of the successful ad agency, Net#work BBDO, MAL is a not-for-profit, collaborative design hub that harnesses ideas to create a more sustainable and equitable planet. We have worked with like-minded brands, creative entrepreneurs, retailers, architects and NGO’s alike to make good stuff happen across South Africa.

We MakeALiving by what we get

80 %
of SA schools without a library
MAL libraries built so far
100 %
of MAL work aims to do good